Do you want to end the stress, anger and financial burden of treating ulcers non-stop every single time?

“Try These New Herbs For The Next Few Weeks…and See How Fast It Will Heal Your Stubborn Peptic, Gastric and Stomach Ulcers…

…No Matter How Long You’ve Had It” 

With This ‘Natural Almost Forgotten Ingredients’ –  That Has Helped Over 278 Nigerians To Be Permanently Free From Ulcer For Life

You Can Now Eat and Drink Whatever You Want Whenever and However You Want It 


Dear Friend,

What do you truly desire as an ulcer patient?

Just take 10 short seconds and think about it (be honest with yourself here)

Is this your answer?



To stop worrying about the fact that you the chances of developing stomach Cancer or even bleeding to death have a date and that no matter what you do, a small mistake can end your life and deny you the chance of being with the ‘very’ people you love the most

…think about your mom, dad, partner, kids, friends or even your enemies who will rejoice ‘if’ that ever happens.


Can I say something to you please?

Shut up!

You don’t just want to be permanently free from your ulcer pains

What you truly desire is

To get back to being a ‘normal’ human being 

A normal human being that wakes up in the morning and rushes down to the kitchen, grabs anything that reaches their mouth and throws it in there

Without worrying whether it is spicy or not

A normal human being that won’t because of fear of crying at night because of stomach pain run away from drinking a bottle or two when he is out with friends

A regular person that can live life to the fullest and knows that they can survive anywhere they go

Because there is no need to chose food up and down 

A normal human being that does not want their children, family and friends to continue 

Wasting money, worrying about them and shedding hidden tears at their back

That’s what you secretly desire.

To live again.

To become that lively, sweet, vibrant, fun and loving person you were before ulcer


The thing is this


People may not know it, but between you and I, I know that you constantly feel depressed and that you fake your smiles most of the times you are with people

Or am I lying?

See, most of the time, it is not because of the excruciating pain, but because you have spent a whole lot on things that don’t work.

But then

Having ulcer is not the end of life, people have lived with it and still managed to patch through life…but then it sucks


I mean, where’s the fun in knowing that an unchecked ulcer burst in your small intestine can be the end of you?

Where’s the fun in salivating when people are eating your favorite hot spicy meals before you

Especially at weddings and other important celebrations?

Where’s the beauty in knowing that it is always a marathon race to go to the toilet – for fear of shitting or vomiting blood

But listen

I am very proud of you.

Not for the fact that you have allowed your doctor to deceive you into believing that the only way to live is to continuously manage your ulcer condition

Which is pure nonsense.

No, I am only proud of you because you are a fighter.

Trust me, I know what it means to have an ulcer.

Having gone through it’s searing pains from my early days in FGC Owerri taught me that I can survive any military training in this world.

I am proud of you because you have continued to defy death and live – every day at a time

Proving to your enemies that you are stronger than their wishes for you.

But then, 

I think it’s time you come to know the truth about yourself and your condition

It may be hard for you to understand, but I’ll try my best to explain.


My intention here is to give you your life back – completely without asking you to sell land.

Without lying to you to manage your ulcer so you come back again to buy something, only to come back again to buy the same thing over and over

But first, 

How was your first experience of that chest pain?

What happened after you bent down on that very day to nurse the rippling pain tearing through your entire body with a heavy headache?

Tell me.

Did the doctor or pharmacist prescribe those normal ‘antacids’ that only minimized the pain but never stopped them from coming back again?

Have you ever wondered why ‘they’ don’t have a permanent cure?


It is not like what they are doing is bad – don’t say I did.

But do the maths yourself

How will your government collect tax, how will your doctors continue feeding and big pharmaceutical companies keep profiting if you don’t go back again?

Just imagine it before you read on…

But then,

There is something you need to know

And I will tell you in a minute

But first, I want you to know…  

That your painful and stubborn ulcer condition can be halted faster with the restoration of normal acid production in the small intestine

Let me explain.

You see, the diagnostic criteria for any type of ulcer as stated by the World Gastroenterology  (WGO), is a:

Helicobacter pylori ratio of 67% or higher in the blood system.

What this means is,

…that if you are able to get your blood system to flush out the Helicobacter pylori (which is the bacteria causing-ulcer) to the ratio of 15% or lower over a specific and discernible period of time…

While not relying on any tablet, you can be said to be free from ulcer – which can be validated in any lab in the world 

What you don’t know is this,

The ulcer medications you take to manage your condition 

Only treat the clinical causative symptoms of ulcer and not the root cause


How can you exactly…even with a stubborn ulcer condition completely restore your system to normalcy without unnecessary fasting and medications

First, you have to know that ulcer disease is a problem of excess acid

body failing you

Hold on, I know what you are thinking.

It is not just physical acid as people make you believe.

…this new understanding of excess acid focuses on acid in the stomach or small intestine

The thing is, when there is too much acid produced by the H.Pylori bacteria that your body cannot naturally flush out 

The stomach reacts to it by creating small holes or pores in your digestive tract that hurts you whenever you:

However, the problem does not stop there

As too much acid keep piling up in your stomach

You’ll begin to discover your body failing you

No one has your best intention at heart?

Because the more this stays with you, the more you lose what makes you human

However, there is a simple solution to getting your life back completely

So far I’ve used this very simple solution for over 5 years to help people like you completely and safely flush out the excess acid in their body while expelling the ulcer-causing agent – H.Pylori bacteria in their body

This simple solution is responsible for good reviews like this:

This solution is ‘strictly’ exclusive for those that their doctors have collected their money without a solution or those that have been told to manage it forever

I believe in your story and want us to prove them wrong.

This simple solution is my ‘baby’.


It took me over 10 years and millions to formulate this tasteless and quick healer.

It is called the ‘Deep Ulcer’ relief

It is deep because:

…the best thing about this unique compact is that it takes just about 5-12 days depending on your level of exposure to the H.Pylori bacteria to start experiencing ‘deep and quick relief’

But the regular intake for up to a month will ensure complete healing.


You’ll finally end the struggle you have with worrying about what you might do or not do that will trigger the terminal consequences

Of Developing Stomach Cancer – the Silent Killer


With my ‘Deep Ulcer Relief’, you will have your life back again

You will eat, drink and smoke whenever you want without worries

You’ll end the late-night cries you face all the time 

You’ll end spending thousands every month and shame your enemies who wish you to kpaii like that

My Deep Ulcer Relief system is simple and easy to use

Just a shot taken 2 hours before meal morning and night is all takes to permanently put an end to your ulcer problems


Here’s what you’ll get when you order my ‘Deep Ulcer Relief Today’

A complete, tasteless and easy to use 30-Day Formula for quick, fast and safe internal ulcer relief

This system includes my 3-in-1 specially formulated component that works in harmony with your body cells to achieve rapid results.

1) Ficus Capensis
2) Cymbogopan Citratus
3) Elaies Guineensis

And the combination of the tissue repairing agent

4) Momordica boivinii

These pairs combined together in my ‘safely’ hidden clinical formulation gives you faster relief from ulcers.

Whether you know how to do it or not.

I can guarantee you that I have secrets to styles you have not tried out before.

From the hanging fruit method to climbing the ladder and other 50 more hidden

…everyday will not be the same for you and your partner

To help you monitor and stay consistent with your treatment.

I’ll personally follow you up if you use it today and not use it again.

I won’t want you to waste my time and your money too.

Now to make this even better, you are covered by 

The Boldest Guarantee Ever


Try it for just 14 days and if it doesn’t change anything, keep the bottle and other gifts.

Call my company lawyer here and reclaim your money

Name: Barr. Mrs. Nora Austin 

Phone Number: 08035450789



It’ll take just N18,000 or N52,000 to get either the Regular or Family package of this miracle in a bottle.



There is no catch here.

The choice is entirely yours to make.

Whether to continue wasting money every month going from hospital to hospital…avoiding the foods that you like…losing weight and vital nutrients needed in your body…

The choice is entirely yours to make between N57 * 365 days which is what it takes you to avoid the pain you are feeling or to still live with it.

The choice is yours. 

Finally, Time Is Of The Essence Here

I don’t know if you’ll find this page the next time you return here

If I still have it left or not.

Whosoever is ready now, gets it first.

That’s how I work.

I trust you’ll make the decision that favors you.

Be safe.

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