Don’t like going to the gym?

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Initial price 350,000 But Now 290,000 For Electric 2.0Hp Treadmil ​

Dear Friend

Nothing gives mad joy like owning a piece of sports equipment that can give you an edge over your friends (and enemies)

Forget it.

The least 4HP of this beast running up and occupying a tiny space in your home will not only make you exercise more but give out the impression that you are serious.

…with your life and (importantly) your health.

After all, without health, what is the use of money.

If you hate going to the gym early in the morning

…but want to live longer and healthier 

This is exactly what you need.

Just imagine that you or your partner won’t have any excuse to give in taking care of your health.

Again, think of the calories you’ll burn as you watch the beeper on the screen show you how fast you are going.

Take a moment and calculate the FAT you will burn and the extra strength and vitality you will gain just by giving it 30 minutes each day.

….this vitality will serve you better during ‘knack’ times.

Trust me, I have seen it over time.

The more I exercised the longer I lasted.

Now, having a treadmill can be expensive but trust me, it is one of the best sports equipment you will ever have.

Apart from the prestige and bragging rights, you will get when you are with friends.…it’ll motivate you to do something about your health and body.

It’ll help you and your partner get back to shape and love yourself the more.

On average a busy business person exercise just once in 2 weeks.

Please, remove sex from your head, that one is not included as an important exercise.

…even though e sweet pass.


See…If you want to live longer and healthier without the need to spend a lot on medication now and (even) during your old age.

My advice would be to take care of your health.

Then consider doing the best thing for yourself.

With the BodyFit BF-2288 treadmill with enhanced and durable compartments

The BF-2288 when installed in your home runs:

  • On a 120-volt that is less than what your electric iron consumes per use so you save more on electricity while enhancing your body and health

  • Equipped with an MP3 connector with loud inbuilt speakers that allows you enjoy your best songs while exercising

  • Equipped with the best massaging machine simulators that turn you on every point while helping you fight weight loss

  • Adaptable foldable parts that you can fit into your store, front yard, and room thereby reducing the space taken.

  • Equipped with micro led display unit that helped you monitor calories burnt, time spent, the speed at each point, heart rate sequence

  • Built-in noiseless PWM controller that helps you determine the rate you wish you wish to go every morning or (night)

With the BodyFit Treadmill (varying on custom build and capacity)

You get;

  • Convenience:

    No need risking your life in the spate of the second strain of Covid-19 going to a gym

  • Freedom:

    Whenever you are ready. No one would force you to do what you don’t want. You will only be answerable to yourself

  • Class:

    You are good enough to be your own boss. Let them know you are serious

  • Weight Loss and Fit Body:

    You’ll burn those calories and regain your old body

And a lot more…

I want you to imagine the BodyFit machine resting in your exercise room and you sweating it out there every morning with your partner before work.

Imagine that just 2 weeks into this, you are noticing that you are shedding off fat, your tummy is reducing and you can now ‘knack’ longer and better.

Imagine the confidence it will give you.

Just think about how better your life would become.

…and how much respect you will regain.

Just imagine all that.

Because for just ……

Because for just ……290,000 For the 2.5 Horse Power

4in 1 Plus Walker Manual Treadmill

  • With Meter
  • Inclined
  • Massager and Twister
  • Sit up Bar
  • Maximum Weight 100kg

2.0 Horse Power

  • MP3 Inclined
  • Massager and Twister
  • Sit up bars
  • Dumbells
  • Maximum weight of 120kg

2.5 Horse Power

  • MP3 Inclined
  • Massager
  • Sit up Bar
  • Dumbells
  • Maximum Weight 150kg

You will get my BodyFit Treadmill within just 1-5 days in your home anywhere in Nigeria with FREE Shipping.

…and if you get it and after 7 days you don’t like it because it is not working well or not giving you what you want from it.

Just call ….

…and either request for a complete change or a refund.

It is your right and I won’t refuse it.

Here is my Lawyer’s Seal to Protect You Against Anything…

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Ps: Not that I want to bribe you.

But even at that, it wouldn’t still be bad to give you a FREE gift

You see, I want you to cut down that size, I want you to look your best and live life better than now.

That’s why I’ll be giving my 30-Day Meal plan to help you watch what you eat and help you eat the right food to help you get to your dream faster.

You will like it.

Trust me.


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