Special Infertility Report

Why Countless and Expensive IVF’s, Treatment of Fibroid and and Ovarian Cyst Won't Ever Get You A Child In 2021 and Beyond

And Why Just Understanding Your ‘Womb Preference’ IS More Important Than Anything Else You (Will) DO

Please Note: Whether fibroid or hot stomach or tubal blockage you need just one thing to get it right before another year ends with you wishing for a miracle

Dear Sweet Mother,


There is a reason why I started this report by calling you a Mum.

You see, I strongly believe that if you listen to me and do what I say, you will become a real mother carrying her own bundle of joy in the next 270 days.

It is very simple.

…and requires no special seed sowing, worthless sacrifices or even countless expensive IVF sessions.

With what am I am going to show you, you’d quickly end:

Your multiple years of barrenness and prove to your enemies that you did not destroy your womb like they thought Mrs Bridget did:

He loved me but his people were already thinking I had tied him down after 10 years with no child.

Meeting NHC and their chief lead, Dr Fadeyemi, made the difference for me in just 1 month.

I love you so much Dr. Mrs Chika, God bless you for helping carry my
own child in this world I’d already given up on)

Josephine Njoku

You’ll end your days of sorrow and fear just like Josephine did

I know that it can be hard to believe if you tried again and again without results but again, Yetunde and over 100 women just like have proven that what God can’t do does not exist.

And if you are serious, you can be among the 10% that I would personally show what they are missing to get the results they seek.

However, can I ask you a question?

How serious are you about carrying your own child in 9 months from today?

How badly do you want to end the tears and depression you are going through in your husband’s house

Do you truly desire to stop visiting hospitals (foreign and native) and wasting money looking for a solution they don’t have?

Again, do you wish to stop asking God when and start counting the days left

Is that what you secretly desire?


I admire you for one thing.

For trying.

For believing that you can do it no matter the hell you are facing from your husband, his people and your family.

Truth is, no one knows how it feels until they experience it.

No one understands the tears and sleepless nights.

The look on peoples’ faces each time they see you or the very way people close to you are suggesting that your husband try another option.

The truth is, no matter how you look at it, Africa and especially Nigeria is still a man’s world.

Take it or leave it.

If he can be convinced to replace you, he will do it.

If he gets pressured by his mother 0r family for a child, he will do the unthinkable – no matter how much he loves you.

Take it from me.


You are not just fighting to prove that you are a FULL woman.


You are fighting to secure your home from even your best friend that won’t waste time in snatching your husband and throwing you out.

I’ve seen it happen several times and I know you know this.

You need to understand.

Having a baby of your own takes just two steps.

A healthy sperm and an egg

And the right ‘womb preference’ for the fertilized egg to form, grow and mature for birth.

However it is on this second one that a lot of women get burnt.


It is not that you are not healthy.

Or that your egg or husband’s sperm can’t work.

The problem, which a lot of health professionals won’t reveal to you because of the millions they make each year is that

It takes a healthy sperm and a better ‘womb preference’ to get pregnant and for this pregnancy to reach term.

You see.

Most times your husband might not be the problem.

If you feed him well and take your time to milk him before he enters inside of you

…you should be able to determine the thickness of his sperm.

Again, your eggs may be perfect but then you wonder why it is hard to even conceive.

Stay with me.

What may have delayed you from conceiving may likely be ‘infertility’.

Hold on.

Infertility in this case is not what they have made you believe.

All those nonsense they said to you was just to collect your money.

Trust me.

Nothing will work for you if you don’t understand this:

Infertility occurs primarily from the combination of fibroid, ovarian cyst, tubal blockage and sometimes hot stomach.

The process from conception to birth can be tricky.

First, the healthy spermatozoa that needs to fight their way through your body to your egg.

Considering that the millions of sperms released only one would make it should give you an understanding of how important the fight is.

See, during this process, your body autoimmune systems see these sperms as a foriegn body and would fight it.

If by chance they get in, they’ll struggle with fibroid to gain space to grow.

They’ll also face the womb conditions to get through and all this would only be possible if the fallopian tubes are open.

Are you getting the idea now?

You see.

Most times, what a lot of health professionals focus on is just the treatment of either fibroid or ovarian cyst.

Now there is nothing bad about this.

In fact, during these years of my practice, I have recorded about a 45.9% rate of success with the treatment of gestational fibroid and ovarian cyst.

But one common problem with the above is that 90% of the time, fibroid grows back and stops you from getting pregnant and having your own baby.

For some, fibroid can even grow to term and they deliver it.

Again, the more you treat this, the higher the chances that you are exposing yourself to severe danger

Which might sometimes lead to

Permanent loss of the womb

I understand that infertility can be very painful and disappointing!

The agony of seeing younger women get pregnant immediately they get married.

The pain of knowing that everyone around is blaming you for something that is not your fault

And of course, knowing that every year that passes brings you closer to menopause.

There is nothing God cannot do.

Very true.

But, He uses human beings to achieve His aim.

And that’s why:

You need to first take care of

Your egg condition, your husband’s sperm strength and your womb preference.


No matter the stage you are in your quest for a child, you must first take care of all this, or you’ll remain where you are.

Trust me.

See, to take care of the first two is easy and I can easily show you the best place to get the most efficient treatments for them.

…even the last one which is far more important.

There are still locations where they can take your money and promise you quick results.

…only for you to wait again till 2022, and that’s if you are still with your husband.

Let me tell you.

To get over:

Irregular menstruation
Ovarian cyst
Fallopian tube blockage

…which is what is holding you down

You need to understand how this ties to your ‘womb preference’.

Now overtime, what you have been introduced to is

A cure of the symptoms and not the problem itself.

Mere treatment of all this won’t last.

In fact, there is a 99.9% chance that the spermatozoa is fertilized would still fall off or get dried up.

To get the best results.

To end the depression you currently face

To end next year with your own bundle of joy

To show the world that you are full woman

To end the tears and hurtful words you face everyday

To secure your home from invaders

To join other women in the next meeting and be welcomed as part of them

To secure your husband’s lineage and see children that would take care of you during your old age

Understand that

First you need to start noticing when he wants to cum

…and changing the position.

Do this so that the sperm shoots upward into your body.

After this, don’t just let him get up immediately, hold him down on you for a minute or two with his penis still inside your pussy.

Let the fluid drain very well.

This would go far in helping you.

However, this would work (faster) once you take care of your ‘womb preference’.

You can take care of this in any hospital where they’ll take your money and still give you the same result as before.

You can try fertility houses, they might try even though 90% of them don’t understand the entire process.

Or you can use my once and for all ‘0-9 months’ baby kit.

My 0-9months baby kit is unique because it comprises a careful selection of natural herbal extracts that have clinically proven to work even for the most stubborn ‘womb preference’.

This unique formula once in your hands, opened and used gently suits your body while draining out

Deep tissues that don’t support baby growth

The compositions, certified by NAFDAC are very safe and easy to use.

In fact, within 7 days of usage you will begin to see this

Being ejected from your private parts.

That’s to tell you that it’s setting your ‘womb preference’ back to normal by taking care of your:

Fallopian tube blockages
Gestational fibroid and
Ovarian cyst.

In just about 3 weeks of using this formula, you’ll begin to notice some movements in your body.

…which is the only thing you would have to be worried about.

I must warn you that you have to carry tissues and pads whenever you want to go out.

…because you will see this often

This process is not harmful.

It is your body working to give you the best results with the 0-9months baby kit.

With this unique formula, you don’t need to go for continuous fertility ingestions.

You don’t need to worry about spending a lot on getting the right information to start.

So far, I have helped over 500 women like you.

This is what you get when order for my 0-9 baby kit today:

The 3-in-1 0-9months Baby Kit system that comprises of a Complet Sex of The 

FIBRO-ELIXIR+ Our Secret Bonus

You will also get for FREE my Special Bonus

1. How to determine the sex of your child

Whether it is a boy or a girl that you want.

There is a way to make it happen.

It is only a few people that know about this and you would be among them if you hurry up.

2. Best Sex Positions For Taking In

Forget all you know about sex.

Especially when trying to conceive.

There is a wrong way.

And there are the right ways to do it.

I can show you.

3. Support Group With People Like You

I know it can be hard doing it on your own.

You need support especially from people that have done it and succeeded with my formula.

The Best of Them ALL (No one will ever give you this in Nigeria)

Now, there is another special BONUS for your husband and his sperm but that would be within what you get.

I want you to be happy and I want nothing except your stubbornness to hold you back from getting what I am offering you.

…and that’s why, you can use my product for A FULL MONTH and return it if you don’t notice any changes and have your FULL MONEY BACK.

I’ll issue you a quick refund and apologize for it.

Even though I have not had a return before, I am willing to bet all I have on it that this will be your last time trying.

I am confident and prayerful too.

It costs you just N37,000 to get this.

I know it might be high for you.

But if you consider the shame of being called a barren woman or being thrown away from your home

Or the amount you will continue spending on ‘other’ things that don’t work.

The places you won’t like to go and the rubbish they’ll ask you to do

You’ll know that spending just N101 for 365 days for something that would last you forever is nothing.

It is your decision.

I hope to see you on the other side.

I am rooting for you.


Please We Are Begging, DO NOT  Place An Order For This PRODUCT  If You Don’t Have The following below :

  1. The Sum Of ₦ 37,000 ready to receive the Product
  2. If you are not ready to receive the product within  1 to 3 days  To Avoid Wasting Our Time, Money And Resources!!!
  3. Please don’t place an order if you will be traveling in the  next 3 days  from now

We spend a lot of resources (time, money and energy)  to ship these items to different Locations all round Nigeria and a lot of people would place an order And refuse to collect once It arrives their locations, causing us over  million in losses monthly.

So we are pleading with YOU NOW, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER for this product if you will be travelling soon or you don’t have the cash ready to receive the product right now.

Please we beg you in the name of GOD/ALLAH, if you don’t respect us then you must Respect God your creator.

But if you are ready to get it Today.

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