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Expert Report on Diabetes:

In Nigeria Today, Almost Everyone On The Internet Today Sells Herbs And Supplements For Type1 And Type2 Diabetes.

Promising Permanent Cure In 7 Days Just To Lure You To Buy

You must be really careful who you listen to and what you consume especially now that most people do not have the fear of God in them.

According to W.H.O, In 2019 Alone Has Resulted To Over 48% Mortality Rate Among diabetics Before 70yrs.

See, Forget About The Lies You’ve Been Fed With On and Off The Internet About Treating Diabetes in 7 days.

 One can only wonder when diabetes became malaria that disappears in a few days.

Or headache that stops in hours.

Or Cough that can stop in minutes.

See Listen!

These people are only feeding on your ignorance and desperation.

And guess what?

I can only blame you for being so desperate and believing their hogwash.

I blame you for believing their lies and deceits

I blame you for patronizing them even when they seem to show you little or no care.

I also blame you for allowing them take advantage of your condition and turn you into a money making machine.

Yes, I’ll tell you the simple truth you may likely not hear anywhere else.

At 14, I knew what my Grandmother was passing through as a result of diabetes.

Her desperation to wake up on morning and realize she no longer have diabetes.

I knew how she’d always want to take anything that she hears can help her condition even without looking back or listening to what other people has to say.

It was a horrible experience and never for once wished that anyone I know and love suffer it. Not even an enemy.

Few Years Later, She died out of depression.

And until date, it still remains the saddest day of my life

I wished I could help her but what do I know.

The interest to learn more about this disease grew and never stopped. And I promised to always lead people right regardless of what it takes.

Seeing the lies and deceits on the Internet today and the fact I lost a loved one to this disease, I swore to fight for these innocent patients no matter how long it takes.

And In 2019, In conjunction with Nutriticare Diabetes Initiative Nigeria, We launched the BIO-BEN System of Treating Diabetes.

Where We take Diabetics by the hand, show them how to use

This Systematic Approach to Beat Diabetes.(more on that as you read)

Yes this is so because in all my years studying about this disease. The Fact Remains That…


Because as a diabetic, You are dealing with…

Years of toxins, genetic phenoms and habits

Years of taking drugs and insulin

Years of taking supplements that work today and stop tomorrow

Years of lifestyle changes,

And many Years of constant intake of pills before doing kerewa with Lolo(men can relate though)

And until you consult professionals

…That can guide you and help you understand how your  own body works and how to trick the body to activate the genetic codes which is responsible for helping the body use supplied nutrients properly, then you’ll have to wait forever.

And until you begin to also understand that diabetes is NEVER treated by taking random medication you see on the Internet.

Just like the story I’d share with you shortly of Mrs Susan who was diagnosed for over 23years.

But before I share this story with you, I want to ask you a simple question

What do you truly desire as a diabetic?

Take a (long) minute and think about it.

Is any of this your answer?

While some persons consider what they are going through as a curse or punishment, I don’t…

To me, you are not a someone that should be looked at with pity, you are simply a person living with diabetes.

…and you should be loved, respected, and accorded the same respect and opportunity as anyone. 

Let Me Tell You…


What you need is just to understand that in Diabetes, You are dealing with Your Eating Habit, Lifestyle and a Suitable Medication.

Get any of them wrong and you’ll likely suffer for it.

 Anyone telling you the opposite is a cheap liar that wants to reap you off.

See, Hence a suitable medication is very essential in lowering your sugar, what you eat and how you eat them is also there to provide vital support to the main issue.

I can say that most of you are really working hard in getting your diet right for many years now…but you have made a blunder in getting a suitable medication that can help your condition for the long term.

If only you knew better before now…

But don’t worry, God has brought you our way now.

So I’ll tell you the 100% truth you can’t find anywhere else because I want to help you.

…But I’ll have to advise you be careful who you listen to and what you consume because…

They’ll only cause more harm to your system that you may likely start developing kidney problems.

From the kidney the heart is the next target and then other organs follow.

And this same reason is why nearly 70% of diagnosed patients with type diabetes end up dying from:

Stroke, Cancer and Kidney Failure

Apparently, About a week ago, I received a call from one man whose wife was suffering from Diabetes and other issues.

The man called me and told me that the wife was diagnosed with diabetes after her last pregnancy when she was 40.

It was pregnancy induced and after she was diagnosed, she contacted us but never took our instructions seriously.

Currently, she was said to have developed stage 4 chronic kidney disease, her heart is failing and her liver is under serious attack too.

The truth is, you either heed to a healthy diet and good medication early or you do it when you are already worse off with little chance of survival.

This is why I will always advise you to start this journey as soon as possible.

The earlier the better as you get into elderly.

Now, they want us to start working on her condition to help her.

But guess what? It will require a miracle for anything to happen at this point.

The reason is that diabetes is a systemic condition that affects the entire system of the body.

The cells are starved of food (sugar).

Insulin is not able to play its role in getting food across to the cells.

What it means is that the entire cell in the body is under a hunger attack.

You are a victim today because you lack the right approach to treating diabetes.

Ranging from the medication you use, your lifestyle and even appropriate D3 dieting most times suck.

This time, I won’t blame you because Living a healthy life as a diabetic is always going to be difficult especially when you are doing it on your own…

You need a system like the Bio-Ben System of Treating Diabetes to hold you by the hands and guide you conquer those high sugar levels.

According to NGDC, West African Journal  June 2022: People developing diabetes today have an excellent chance of living long, healthy lives, free from serious complications. Thanks to modern method like the Bio-Ben Approach  which happens to be…

…the ONLY, Safest and Most Reliable System Recorded So Far To Fight Diabetes

According to 39Yrs School Teacher Benjamin Okere, this system happens to be the best thing that happened to him in his journey to beating diabetes as He thanks the team and organizers.

Before I go further, I want tell you a little secret of the BAIO-BEN Approach

Because of the differences in body metabolism, This System firstly Understands your genetic makeup and medical history:

See, Facts must be ascertained on how long you’ve had this diabetes, your current sugar readings, the highest readings recorded within the past 30 days, and the symptoms experiencing at the moment. If a man, find out if it had started affecting ur swag in the other side.

Secondly, Ascertain your dependency level on your medication and insulin( i.e if already on insulin)

Here any professional must ensure to know if you’re dependent on insulin, for long, and also as compared to when diagnosed. As this will help determine the safest natural system for gradual insulin withdrawal.

And Thirdly, Identify how to naturally and safely flush out those toxins to increase your digestive strength:

And unfortunately, only professionals can help you achieve all of these.

Because it’s NEVER something getting stuffs online can ever help you do.

But before we go any further…

…think about this:

Imagine that you are at that place where you no longer have to take daily insulin injections…ever

Pierce your skin for daily sugar tests.

Eat your favorite food without any worries

Without having to worry about the embarrassment of poor performance in bed with madam

Just imagine…

Never having to worry about spending over $5000 just to manage your condition again.

Think of how happy you will finally be to have your life back and shame the people already praying for your death.

Imagine saving your family the stress, financial burden and pain of taking care of you once and for all.

Just think about being YOU again…finally.

That’s what I am offering you.

I want you to be happy again.

To stop spending over $5,000 monthly managing a condition that you can completely overturn.

To stop fearing that a little mistake can end your existence.

To stop being depressed all the time while hiding your tears from everyone.

I want you to live again and reap the fruits of your hard work.

I love you just as God does.

…and that’s why for a limited time, you can JOIN US today for more than half the price.


It is your choice and your choice alone to go on this journey with me…to live again…and be happy.

But here is what you’ll be getting with your commitment on this life-changing journey:

1. Over 21 Days delicious easy-to-make diabetic COOKBOOK 

We’ve come to understand that over time you’ve struggled with how to eat right so it doesn’t impact your sugar. The reason we took our time to prepare this over 21days delicious COOKBOOK plan for you so you don’t feel chained. Here you get to see varieties and choose.

And these meals work wonders in getting your blood sugar back to normal- All Naturally.

2. The Diabetic-Man Guide To Better, Long-Lasting and More Frequent S*x To Enjoy it Again

Recent Study proves that over 80% of men living with diabetes suffer from poor bedroom performance.

This guide will help you know how best to last longer and enjoy s3x with your spouse again while keeping your blood sugar in check.

3. Personalized Exercise Pattern That Highly Impacts Your Healing Process

This particular exercise pattern helps trigger the hormone that allows cells in your body to use blood sugar for energy. following this guide will help lower your blood sugar levels and also lowers your risk of heart disease and nerve damage. 

4. Our Proven Anti-Diabetes Nivel Mor

This kit is the reason for these and more:

The most interesting thing is that these special blend of minerals, herbs and vitamins apart from helping you get off your condition equally:

A unique mixture of D3 fibers that help activate your body to start producing and using insulin properly to balance your deficiency and help you get your life back – quickly

6. A Free 3 Months Subscription to Our Premium Support Channel

The truth is, My exclusive private patient pays $750 Per month To get access to this group.

Because this is where I and my medical Team give our all…From;

Answering Your queries.

Following Your Healing Process…

But then we can only allow access to this support group for a limited time.

So Once You JOIN the NID Platform now…

7. And Lastly Free 3 Days Medical/ Nutritional Bodycheck

For these 3 days, You get the chance of meeting our Inhouse Medics and Dietitians who shall check your body fat, BMI, body water, BMR, Fat Free Body Weight, Subcutaneous Fat etc.

This will enable us provide more professional advise to you as you heal.


But You Can Join ONLY TODAY for just a one-time investment of:



Now, we can decide to charge N150,000 and it would still be fair.

Or even 200,000 and still have alot of people troope in.

But hell No!

There’s no way we can charge you that because we truly want to help you.

Now what about we say Pay 

You have 365 days a year to live.

And I know you spend more than $1 a day on unimportant things.

What I am asking you to do now is to spend just $0.3 on yourself every day for 365 days.

What I want you to do is to know that with just less than 1USD per day you can end your struggles

Is that what you can’t spend to live?

To end the emotional, financial and physical stress you put yourself and your family through

It’s all on you now to decide whether to join or keep prioritizing irrelevant things.

It’s up to you.

But to you that have decided to go ahead with me 

It’s easy to join. 

All you have to do is click on the button below and follow the easy instructions.

And you can join ONLY TODAY for N29,000 or later for N198,000 

The choice is entirely yours

To your best life, my friend.


Dr. Glen Alfred 

Chief Research Advisor, BIO-BEN DIABETES CENTER

India. UK, Nigeria





You Can JOIN US!


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P.S: I know you want to live again and not worry about the troubles of dying by no mistake of yours.

…and you shouldn’t.

You can live healthier and longer.

But it depends on your decision NOW – it depends on clicking this JOIN Now button.

PSS. No one should be made to suffer because of something that can be overturned

You should not, that’s why I am your biggest Supporter.


BAIO is the best platform you can ever be if you are diabetic.

Dr. Glen Williams

I highly recommend the NIVEL MOR for diabetics.

Dr. Jennifer Abbas

This happens to be the best you can ever find anywhere. So professional in handling diabetes.

Dr. Morgan Davidson

Sincerely, only Professionals can handle complicated disease like diabetes. Reason I recommend this platform.

Dr.Philip Demba

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